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Fed up of looking at corrupt politicians spouting stats and numbers to you and wet farts in over sized suits trying to look like a leader? Read on…

So Covid is back, doing the rounds and well and truly putting a real dampener on Christmas festivities. Why am I writing this you might add? Well, it’s a coping mechanism. A way of ‘talking’ and getting things off my chest. It’s a way of getting across to others (yes, there are a lot of people worse off than me before you say it and I wholeheartedly agree 100%) to TAKE COVID SERIOUSLY. This is not a call for sympathy, this is purely an attempt to change people’s perspectives. If I succeed in helping with that, then I’ll be delighted.

I recently put a poll out on my Twitter account as to whether the public was more scared of the symptoms of the so called Omicron variant or were they just worried about f*cking up Christmas plans. The latter was the overwhelming winner, and that’s exactly what has happened to me given my family plans to Ireland have been cancelled and I’m now isolating.

I have two wonderful children…

Christmas for them will be doing things when out and about without Daddy. It’s the not being able to go and get Henry new shoes for next term. It’s the ‘I can’t go to the park with you sorry Henry’. It’s the ‘I’d love to take Martha for a walk’. It’s the lack of ‘shall we pop to the cafe for a coffee?’. It’s the little Christmas things that I will be missing out that I don’t ultimately want my children, including Martha who will be enjoying her first Christmas, missing out on. Most of all, it’s the not being able to cuddle Martha when she’s crying, or sit Henry on my lap to help with his reading and story telling. It’s absolutely devastating, and so, so hard not to be able to do that in your own home when it’s human nature 24/7. It’s more than about going to the pub for a couple. It’s more than not being able to go to watch Bridgend play tomorrow. Don’t let your family time over Christmas end up like this. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I have THE best wife…

As many of you know, Maria is the most amazing person I have ever met. After I tested positive post PCR test, she’s been nothing short of incredible. Looking at the positives, looking after the kids amazingly and all while she’s not seeing her family for Christmas for the third year in a row. Her family is far bigger than mine, and they’d normally all see each other over the festive break be it on Christmas Day around the cousins, or post-Christmas at the Carr’s family get together. It’s something that I love attending, but it means the world to Maria, and yet she’s staying seemingly incredibly positive despite the situation that we are in. I am currently penning this while she’s at McArthurGlen trying to lap up the Christmas spirit with the kids, buying Henry the shoes that I’ve had to give £30 towards rather than help go and buy in person and watching my mother and step father singing Christmas carols there too which I’ve just watched via FaceTime. Is it too much to ask the wife to buy her own Christmas card though, as I’ve not managed to get one yet!

The best family…

I’ll keep my thoughts to my family private (for now) but safe to say I’ll miss being able to see each and every one of them in the run up (even if they’re happy about that!) to the big day.

A great network of friends…

After a get together on the weekend, I think our group realise where the Covid positives could have originated (and that’s not a pointing of the finger exercise), but being the link between two parties I feel somewhat responsible for the positive cases that have arisen. Should I? Maybe not. Do I? Yes. If we’d gone home earlier. If we’d not mixed as we maybe should have. Had we been careful. All ifs and buts, and yes, we could have caught it elsewhere, but it’s happened, and it’s hard to get my head around. I’ve had comments like ‘shit happens mate’, ‘we could have caught it anywhere’ and ‘we are all adults who make our own choices’ and yes, I agree, but what if?

It’s lead to me missing out on annual friends drinks with the boys from school who see each other less and less these days to discuss the good old days, to take the piss out of each other, to remember why we’ve been friends for so many year having been through some tough times. It means missing out on the rugby which as you know drives me up the wall. It’s lead to me having to cancel some pre Christmas plans I had with the wife. It’s also meant that I won’t be able to put myself through Christmas fun of choosing terribly designed Christmas cards in Tesco trying to act cool alongside other blokes who have no idea what card to buy for the wife or mother!

It’s not your ‘life’ you might be putting at risk, maybe look at things from a point of view of it putting your ‘social life’ at risk if that’s more your thing?

To conclude…

As many of you know, I disagree with much of the hysteria and news being currently reported on the virus. No, I’m no conspiracy theorist and I hate how we seemingly have to lockdown at every sight of a new strain and how people are being told they have to have a vaccines. BUT (and I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with but, but f*ck it) after being told I now have to isolate for 10 days when there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with me, it’s made me look at things a bit differently. Will the virus affect me personally in terms of my health, I think not given that I’ve tested positive and there’s naff all wrong apart from a sniffly nose after a few tears when I think about the situation I’m in, but will it effect others? 100%.

Forget the ‘ahhh, it’s fine, it won’t effect me I’m fit and healthy’ or ‘it’s fine, I’m not a vulnerable person’. Maybe think more along the lines of ‘do I want to put a holiday in jeopardy’ or ‘how will it affect the kids and life at home over the holiday period’ if I get a positive test. I’ll leave you with that.

I’m not saying you have to wear a mask. I’m not saying you’re a clown if you don’t have a vaccine.

I’m saying…

Be careful. Don’t be a dick. Don’t be selfish. Don’t wreck Christmas & New Year.

Happy Christmas and have a great New Year.


by Rhydian Cole