Big advocates of all things mental health, we formed SC Tella Fella – Sporting Club Tella Fella, a ‘team’ to help raise awareness and funds for those who in turn raise awareness of the importance of mental health. A % of profits from the sale of all SC Tella Fella merchandise is to be donated to help fund the fantastic work that blOKes do in relation to mental health awareness.

We started off with a brand naming exercise, finally deciding on the name SC Tella Fella to re-inforce the importance that if you’re struggling, it helps to ‘tell a fella’. From that, the branding was created, and applied to our first product – the distinctive SC Tella Fella football jersey.

Hot on the heels of the jersey, a range of merchandise has also been developed, with plans to release a second football jersey in the pipeline in the autumn of 2021.


  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Football Jersey Design
SC Tella Fella Branding
SC Tella Fella Branding
SC Tella Fella Branding
SC Tella Fella Branding
SC Tella Fella

From start to finish, it’s been amazing working with Rhyd and Turf Creative. From the SC Tella Fella shirt to the Team blOKes charity football shirt, the designs have been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Couldn’t recommend enough - professional, personal and perfect...

Tom HomeFounder - blOKes