The Short Corner is born - Turf Creative | Graphic Design studio in Bridgend
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The Short Corner is born

Well, after the recent on-going office, studio, workspace renovations, I am pleased to be able to launch the new blog ‘The Short Corner’, home to ramblings and writings about this, that and other.

Be it a critique of some new (or old) design, a rant about design (regular occurence probably!), thoughts about any current hot topic or just an article to help collect thoughts – creative writing is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, ever since I fluked an A in English Literature in 1996. Just ask me about the story of MacBeth, and you’ll be met with a very vague face.

There won’t be articles every week. There won’t be articles on everything. It’ll be very much a case of quality over quantity – we promise. If you get bored, don’t like what is being written or just want to let me know feedback (all positive hopefully) just email

** Where did the name come from you ask? Well, hockey is a passion of mine, and with this being the corner of my website that will be home to short articles and other lovely things, I thought it a natural fit. What do you reckon?

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