Fab Four Coffee Branding - Turf Creative | Graphic Design studio in Bridgend
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Fab Four Coffee

FabFour Coffee is a coffee company formed by friends and former British & Irish Lions players Shane Williams, Mike Phillips, Lee Byrne and James Hook. FabFour creates great tasting coffee roasted on The Gower, and sell their wares via the website.

We created their initial visual identity, logo, coffee packaging, supporting social media and built their eCommerce website in the run up to their launch. Safe to say the launch was a success, and with a % of profits from sales of the coffee going to Velindre Fundraising, everyone’s a winner!

A nod to the great guys at Orchard, who were responsible for the great photography.

FabFour Coffee Branding
FabFour Coffee Branding
FabFour Coffee Branding
FabFour Coffee Branding
FabFour Coffee Website Design

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